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How do I determine Number of Workers? Follow

The Number of Workers on Main Shift should reflect the total number of workers present during the primary, or largest shift of the day. This is not a total count of workers, but rather a count of workers who are present at the same time. For example, if there are three daily eight hour shifts of 100, 75, and 50 workers respectively, the Number of Workers on Main Shift is 100.

Include these workers:

  • Employees of the property
  • Part-time employees*
  • Sub-contractors who are onsite regularly
  • Volunteers who are onsite regularly
  • Interns
  • Janitors/Custodians

Don’t include:

  • Teleworkers
  • Visitors
  • Clients
  • Customers/Patients
  • Students
  • Spectators
  • Inmates in a Prison


*Part-time Workers: If you have part-time workers who are present during the primary shift, then you should count them. However, say your main shift is 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, and you have some part-time workers in the morning shift, and some part-time workers in the afternoon shift. You don't want to double count these part-time workers - just count the workers who are present at one time.


What if the "main shift" varies day to day? If your “Workers on Main Shift” is different from the weekdays to the weekends, use the weekday number, since that will be closer to the average. If your “Workers on Main Shift” fluctuates widely over the course of a week, then you can use an average across the days you are open. For example, say you’re open 5 days per week: 3 days you have 100 Workers and 2 days you have 50 Workers. You can report the average of 80 Workers (3 days * 100 Workers +2 days * 50 workers / 5 days open = 80 Workers on Main Shift).

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