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My data center is already sub-metered. Can I use this for IT Energy? Follow

No. If your data center in your office is being sub-metered by the utility or landlord, then the energy consumption being tracked through the main meters to the property will reflect the total energy consumed within that data center area– including lighting and air conditioning. While this is very useful information to have, as it helps to identify the contribution of the data center are to overall property energy consumption, it does not meet Portfolio Manager’s definition of “IT Energy Consumption.”

When benchmarking a stand alone data center, or a mixed use property that contains a “data center,” you must be able to measure the energy delivered directly to IT equipment (servers, storage devices, etc.). For this reason, measurements must be obtained at the output of the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or, in some cases, the input of the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Measurement at the output of the UPS or input of the PDU is commonplace in the industry and is consistent with how the data was collected for development of the Data Center energy performance score. 

Many UPS systems already include meters that are capable of measuring electricity consumption (kWh). However, some UPS systems do not have integrated meters, or else only track demand (kW). In cases where there is no UPS meter, or where the UPS meter is only tracking kW, it will be necessary to install a new meter to begin isolating and tracking IT energy consumption (kWh) on a monthly basis. If the UPS meter is already tracking consumption but the UPS system supports non-IT equipment (e.g., cooling, lighting) that amounts to more than 10% of its load, then this supplemental load must be sub-metered and subtracted from the “IT Energy” numbers that are entered into Portfolio Manager. 

A number of vendors provide simple, cost-effective sub-metering technologies that can be installed without any system downtime. These can usually be installed by the vendor or any professional electrician, and some can be linked to the building’s EMS for remote monitoring. For the purpose of benchmarking in Portfolio Manager, the preferred location for installing such a sub-meter is at the output of the UPS. 

PLEASE NOTE: there is no requirement to sub-meter your entire data center area– only the “IT Energy Consumption” within that space needs to be sub-metered so that IT equipment consumption (kwh) can be accounted for properly. The total energy consumption of your building, including the data center non-IT loads, will be captured when you enter your whole-building consumption information into the “Energy Meters” section of Portfolio Manager, on the “Facility Summary” page. Furthermore, by entering your IT energy, you are not double-counting your data center energy consumption. The “IT Energy Consumption” input is used for normalization purposes within the data center energy performance score. It can be thought of as being analogous to other operational characteristics in the office model like “number of workers” or “operating hours per week.”

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