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My data center moved out. How do I remove it from my property? Follow

To remove the Data Center from your property you have two options:

  1. Modify the Data Center Property Use:
    • Update the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the Data Center to 0 square feet on the date it moved out (from the Details tab, in the Action menu choose: "Update with New Information")
    • Select "Apply Data Center Energy Estimates." See this FAQ for details. 
  2. Delete the Data Center Property Use. This isn't the preferred choice, because you're historical metrics will not be accurate.

Why is this so complicated? Because unfortunately, Portfolio Manager doesn't have the ability to assign start and end dates to a Property Use. This enhancement is on our Wish List, but because it affects a relatively small number of users and usually these users are pretty sophisticated, it hasn't been implemented yet.

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