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What is the definition of Data Center? Follow

The Data Center Property Use Type is intended for sophisticated computing and server functions which typically include:

  • high density computing equipment (such as server racks used for data storage and processing)
  • dedicated power and cooling systems
  • a constant power load of 75 kW or more
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • raised floors

Data Centers may include traditional enterprise services, on-demand enterprise services, high performance computing, internet facilities, and/or hosting facilities. Often Data Centers are free-standing, mission-critical computing centers.

The Data Center property use type is NOT intended for:

  • server closets
  • computer training areas
  • telecom closets
  • print/copy rooms

Server rooms that do not meet the definition of data center above, but have separate cooling systems and operating hours that differ from the rest of the building should be entered as a separate Office Property Use. Enter the weekly operating hours (typically 168 hours), zero workers, and enter the count of computers and Servers in the Number of Computers field. Both computers and servers should be counted only once (e.g. one server counts as 1 "Computer").

All other areas mentioned above (including server rooms without separate cooling systems) should be included in the total gross floor area for the property's main Property Use (e.g., Office).

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