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What are the requirements for multifamily housing to earn ENERGY STAR certification? Follow

ENERGY STAR certification for Multifamily Housing is available to properties with:

  • 2 or more units per building
  • 20 or more units per campus
  • Greater than 75% occupancy rate
  • ENERGY STAR score of 75 or more

Other notes about requirements:

  • There is no minimum square footage
  • Your occupancy rate must be greater than 75% to be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification, but you can still get a score if your occupancy rate is 75% or lower
    • Your occupancy rate does not affect your score
  • If you have less than 20 units, you can't get a score; you will get an EUI instead.
  • Communities of detached single-family homes are not eligible. If your property is a mix of multifamily and single-family homes, the property would still be eligible as long as the single-family homes are less than 25% of the total GFA.
  • Multiple multifamily housing buildings on a campus should generally be certified as a single property; however, if there are no shared amenities between the buildings such as a clubhouse, fitness center, pool, etc., the buildings may be eligible to benchmark and certify as individual properties.

** This definition was updated in June 2017 to remove language about townhomes and duplex communities not being eligible.

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