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What types of ENERGY STAR recognition are available for multifamily properties? Follow

EPA offers recognition throughout the design-build-operate lifecycle of multifamily properties through offerings from both the ENERGY STAR Residential and Commercial programs. Currently, newly constructed or substantially rehabilitated units in multifamily buildings can earn the ENERGY STAR through the ENERGY STAR Residential program, by being built to meet specific design guidelines and undergoing third party testing and verification throughout the construction process. In addition, as part of the high-rise certification process, builders must submit a Proposed Design Submittal to EPA to demonstrate that the building is designed to be at least 15% more efficient than code and meet all other program requirements. Approved submittals receive Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR recognition, which allows builders to associate the project with ENERGY STAR during the construction process. For more information on recognition for multifamily new construction, please visit www.energystar.gov/homes

Existing multifamily properties that have been occupied for at least a year can earn ENERGY STAR certification by benchmarking their energy use in Portfolio Manager. Those properties that receive an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification. As part of the certification process, a licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect must verify the data inputs, as well as that indoor environmental conditions for air quality, thermal comfort, and lighting meet minimum industry standards. Additional information on ENERGY STAR certification for existing buildings can be found at www.energystar.gov/buildingcertification



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