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How do I account for my vacant space in my Office, Bank, Financial Center, Courthouse, or Medical Office? Follow

If your vacant space is 10% or more of the building's Gross Floor Area (over 12 months), it must be input as a separate Property Use as follows:

  • Property Type = Property Type that it would be if it was occupied (Office, Medical Office, etc).
  • Weekly Operating Hours = 0
  • Workers on Main Shift = 0
  • Number of Computers = 0
  • Percent Heated and Percent Cooled = Report conditioning as it occurs in the vacant space

See this FAQ if you need help adding a new Property Use to an existing property.

Note: Only Offices, Medical Offices, Banks, Courthouses, and Financial Centers are required to enter vacant Property Uses.

The below property types also have a minimum occupancy requirements, so if your vacancies put your occupancy below these levels, you will need to update your occupancy as well.

  • Office/Bank/Courthouse/Financial Center: <50%
  • Hotel: <55%
  • Multifamily: <75%



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