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Should I include small sheds, booths & trailers with the GFA of my building? Follow

It depends. You should include these small structures only if they meet both of these 2 requirements:

  1. They are not able to function on their own without the main property
  2. They are actively used by occupants and/or require heating and cooling.

You should include the following Gross Floor Area (GFA) with your main building:

  • Trailers used for extra classroom space at your K-12 School. These trailers would not exist on their own, they are inherently part of the school, and they require heating/cooling.
  • A small mechanical structure used to house the boiler and generator used for your office.  This small structure would not exist on its own and is inherently part of the Office, will be accessed routinely by maintenance staff, and often has heating/cooling to prevent equipment from freezing/overheating.
  • Security booths that house guards checking badges for people and cars entering the property.
  • Gas Station kiosks outside of but connected to Convenience Stores.

You should not include the following GFA with your main building:

  • A small storage shed that has no heating/cooling. A small structure that provides shelter for lawn equipment is not heated/cooled or used by anyone on a regular basis. This structure may use some electricity for lighting, which should be included in the total energy for the property, even though you aren’t including the GFA.

You should benchmark the following separately:

  • A small warehouse used to store goods used by your company. While it is convenient for your company that this warehouse is located close by, it is a separate, single structure that could be moved down the street and still serve its purpose. This building should be benchmarked independently.
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