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What property type should I use for ________? Follow

If your property doesn't fit neatly into one of the 80+ property types in Portfolio Manager, then pick the closest one. If it just doesn't fit into any of the categories, enter it as "Other." The only metric that will be affected by your choice (as long as the property types cannot get a score) is the comparison to the median.

Some examples:

  • Art Gallery could select Museum, Retail, or "Entertainment/Public Assembly-Other" depending on how they function
  • Opera House could select Performing Arts under "Entertainment/Public Assembly"
  • Airport could select Transportation Terminal/Station under Public Services
  • Homeless shelter could choose "Lodging/Residential-Other"
  • A youth or senior center could choose "Entertainment/Public Assembly-Social/Meeting Hall"
  • Military base could use Barracks, Office, Retail and Other for the different buildings on the base
  • TV / Radio Broadcast studio should use the "Other" property type. 
  • Coffee shop could choose Restaurant.
  • Country Club should choose Recreation- Other.
  • Dialysis Centers should choose Urgent Care/Clinic/Other Outpatient
  • A boat marina should choose "Other"

Just be careful about choosing one of the 20 property types can get a score because if your property doesn't truly qualify as one of these types, your metrics may be misleading.

Here are ways to assess the performance of your property that does not have an ENERGY STAR score.

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