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How do I determine the seating capacity of my worship facility? Follow

The seating capacity should reflect the maximum total seating capacity of the main worship area(s).  If there are multiple seating configurations, please use the configuration with the maximum seating capacity.  This number should reflect permanent seating capacity only, as the building is typically used. Note that if there is no seating at this building, the value used should reflect the number of worshipers than can be accommodated in the main worship area(s).

Example: A worship facility is configured with a main sanctuary (worship area) and a social hall, separated by a removable wall. Several times each year on major holidays, the wall is opened and temporary seating is placed in the social hall to accommodate the larger number of worshipers who attend. The value entered into Portfolio Manager for this building should NOT include the seating capacity of the social hall, since it is not permanent seating and is not typically used for worship.

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