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Can you provide a quick tutorial on how to use the Reporting Tab? Follow

The Reporting tab has four different types of reports:

  • Charts and Graphs in the upper left corner will run select reports for your entire portfolio (1 click to the results).  These reports contain exportable graphs and average values computed for each group, property type, and State.
  • ENERGY STAR Performance Documents will generate formatted (pretty) pdf documents for properties/dates which you select.  These documents may be used for your own records or as part of other real estate transactions where formal documentation is required. 
  • Templates & Reports
    • Standard Templates/Reports includes 8 Standard Templates that are available to everyone (here's a quick overview of the metrics in the 8 standard reports) to begin with. These templates consist of the most important metrics for topic areas such as energy, water, and emissions.  While the metrics of these reports are set, you which properties and time periods you want to see.   
    • Custom Templates/Reports (click on "Create a New Template" top, right above Templates & Reports chart) allows you to create Excel (or XML) files with data that you select, for properties you select, for time periods you select.  You can select from over 1,000 different metrics, and when you select to compare two periods the report will show the value at each date in addition to the change. Once you create a standard template, it will show in the same table with the Standard Templates – your templates are differentiated with an orange arrow.

The Custom and Standard Reports have a multi-steps process to get your data, which will hopefully become intuitive after you've run a couple reports. Here's an example: Run the Energy Performance Report (a Standard Report)

  1. From the Action menu for Energy Performance, select "I want to... Generate Report"
  2. You will be taken to a screen where you select the dates and properties to include. When you finish, click "Generate Spreadsheet"
  3. "Energy Performance" should now move to the top of the list under "Templates & Reports."
  4. From the Action menu, select "I want to... Download Current Report in Excel" (or XML). Your report should open up in Excel.
  5. Say you notice one of your properties has the wrong score, and you realize you forgot to enter the latest energy bills. You should enter that data, and come back to Reporting.
    • Under the Action menu, select "I want to... Generate a New Report," this will generate the report with the updated bill data.
    • From the Action menu select "I want to... Download Current Report in Excel."
    • This will open a new excel file reflecting the new data you just added.
  6. Say you realize you left a property out of the report.
    • Under the Action menu, select "I want to... Select Properties and Timeframes"
    • You can add more properties or change the timeframe. When you finish, click "Generate Spreadsheet"
    • From the Action menu, select "I want to... Generate New Report" - this will generate a report with the new properties/timeframes
    • From the Action menu, select "I want to... Download Current Report in Excel." Your updated report should open up.
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