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How do I use the spreadsheet uploads? Follow

To access the Spreadsheet Uploads:

  1. On the My Properties (home) page, on the bottom left, under "Manage Portfolio" click on: "Upload and/or update multiple properties"



To navigate the spreadsheets:

1) What do you want to upload?

  • Select from the options for what you would like to upload. Once an upload has been attempted, this box will be replaced with the "My Spreadsheet Uploads" box to indicate historical spreadsheet uploads' statuses.
  • This box displays the File Name, Type of Upload, Date, and Status of each upload that you attempt.
  • If the status says "failed," you may click the "View Errors" link to determine what went wrong.
  • To delete an upload record, simply click the checkbox to the left of the entry and then click "Delete Selected Entries" at the bottom of the box.

Add Properties

  • This box contains the most current version of the Add Properties template. It's a good idea to always download a new version of this template because we occasionally make edits and older versions will be incompatible.

"Edit and Manage Information"

  • Create a Customized Upload Template by selecting the type of upload you want, the properties to include, and any requested "Detailed Information". You'll need to fill in this spreadsheet, and save it to your computer.

"Upload Spreadsheets"

  • This box is where you actually upload files.  Choose the type of upload, browse for the file, and click Upload.

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