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How do I create a Data Request to collect data from others? Follow

To create a Data Request:

  1. Go to the Reporting tab
  2. "Create a New Template" for the metrics and the time period that you want to collect
  3. You can ignore the question "Select Properties to Include," or select some of your properties so you can review your template before sending with real data
  4. "Save Template"
  5. Once the report has been generated (and you are back on the main Reporting page), you can review the template, and make edits if necessary.
  6. Once the template is ready, under the Action menu, select "Request Data using this Template"
  7. Fill out the details about your Data Request (contact person, etc.) and include instructions to be sent out with your request.
  8. Click "Publish Request" - Make sure you have double checked everything, you cannot make changes after you "publish request." You would have to delete this and start over if you make a mistake.
  9. Once you publish the request, you will be given a url that you can send out to the people who need to fill out your Data Request.

Or watch this video on "How to create a data request."

Or read this Guide on Custom Reporting ("How to create a data request" starts on pg 4).

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