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How do I find the receipt for the benchmarking Data Request that I submitted? Follow

To find the time-stamped receipt for your Data Request submission:

  1. Log into the account containing the properties.
  2. Go to the Reporting tab.
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate report (checking that it is for the appropriate year if applicable).
  4. To view the receipt : click on the grey arrow to the left of the report title to expand its history, locate the receipt and use the Action column drop-down menu to select View Response Receipt.
  5. To access the report itself: use the Action column drop-down menu ("I want to..."), select Download My Responses in Excel.

Portfolio Manager does not contain any automatically generated confirmation e-mails for these reports.  Please save these e-mails for your own records.

If you need further assistance with compliance, violations, exceptions and/or resolutions please contact the appropriate state or local government entity.

Also see our guide: "How to respond to data requests in Portfolio Manager."

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