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What is the Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking? Follow

The Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking is an online training and certificate program developed by the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CEBI) and administered by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).  It focuses on benchmarking building energy and water consumption using EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool, but is not required by EPA in order to use Portfolio Manager or apply for ENERGY STAR certification.  The program consists of:

  • A free online training program made up of four 1-hour modules that teach users how to collect benchmarking information and use Portfolio Manager.
  • A Certificate that is available for a fee after successfully complete the training and passing an exam.

EPA coordinated with NJIT on the content, however this certificate is not issued by nor required by EPA. For more information on the Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking, please visit http://online.njit.edu/cbk/


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