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What trainings are available for Portfolio Manager and how do I sign up? Follow

EPA offers several training opportunities to help familiarize our users with the Portfolio Manager program.  

Some of the courses being offered include:

  • Portfolio Manager 101: Getting started
  • Portfolio Manager 201: Intermediate users
  • Portfolio Manager 301: Advanced users
  • How to Apply for the ENERGY STAR
  • The Federal Guiding Principles Checklist in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • How to Launch an ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency Competition
  • The Value of ENERGY STAR: How America’s Top Energy Efficiency Brand Can Make Your Efforts Stand Out
  • Financing Energy Efficient Upgrades with ENERGY STAR
  • ENERGY STAR and Green Building Rating Systems
  • Water: Benchmarking and Best Practices from WaterSense

To sign up for courses, visit https://esbuildings.webex.com/

Or listen to a recorded session (from our training page, select "Recorded training" in the top left).

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