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When a customer uses share forward to share a property with me, is there an automatic connection made between my account and the PDA account? Follow

Yes, if you are not already connected to the PDA, you are sent an account-level connection request from the PDA at the same time that you are sent the property and meter shares. This connection request does not contain any information on the middleman, it only includes information on the PDA account.

If you accept the new account-level connection request first, you can then move on to accept (or reject) each individual property and meter share request, as you do for other shares. If you accept a property and/or meter share that belongs to an account to which you are not yet connected, you will automatically accept the pending account-level connection request, too. You’ll still be able to find the account ID of the PDA within the pending property and meter shares. However, if you reject the new account-level connection request first, you automatically reject all pending property and meter share requests.

For more information please see the Share Forward section of our Connection and Sharing document.

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