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When a customer transfers one of their properties to a different account, will I be given contact information for the new account holder? Follow

When a property transfer takes place, you may use the GET /notification/list to obtain the account ID and username of the new PDA along with the ID and name of the property that was transferred.





TEST Office2 (3635356) has been transferred to owner account Customer55 (87656)







If you receive a transfer notification it means that the new PDA has chosen one of two options: 1) they have either retained your account's access to the property uninterrupted and sent a connection request to your account, or 2) they have accepted the transfer but removed your account's access to the property.

If the new PDA chose option 1, you will see a connection request from their account the next time you run a GET connect/account/pending/list call. You must accept that connection request in order to pull any additional information on the new PDA's account. If the new PDA chose option 2, you will see an unshare notification alongside the transfer notification. In that case, you will not be able to pull contact information on the new PDA account and may wish to connect with the old PDA in order to request that the new PDA restore your access to the property and its meters.

For more information please see the Ongoing Share Management section of our Connection and Sharing document.


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