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Can I use the same account to run web services in both the test environment and live environment? Follow

No, you will need to create separate accounts to run web services in the live environment and the test environment. Please see below for details on each type of account and its intended use:



Test environment account

Live environment account

Account Creation Process

Run a POST /Account call using the URL https://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/wstest/account

Set up a new Portfolio Manager account and specify in account settings that you are a web services provider. Then request access to the live environment on the “Account Settings” page.

What you can do with the account

Run web services calls in the test environment to build your integration with Portfolio Manager to exchange data for your customers.

Once the account has been approved for live access, you may use the account to exchange data with customers in Portfolio Manager. You can also use the account’s credentials to access Portfolio Manager via the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

What you cannot do with the account

A test environment account cannot access Portfolio Manager, and data that is submitted to the test environment will not appear in Portfolio Manager.

The live environment should not be used to test web services. All testing must take place in the test environment.


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