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How do I find my web services provider from the Contacts page in Portfolio Manager? Follow

In order to find your web services provider in Portfolio Manager, first log into Portfolio Manager and click the “Contacts” link on the upper-right side of the screen.

If your service provider was already exchanging data with your account:

Your provider’s account will be listed on the Contacts page as the name of the individual associated with the account.

If you have not yet connected your account with a web services provider: Please select the “Add Contact” button from the contact page. Within the top box that reads “Find Contact in Portfolio Manager,” you can search for your provider using the name attached to their account, their account’s username, or the email address attached to the account. We highly recommend searching by username: this is the most precise search method because individuals sometimes have their name and email address attached to more than one Portfolio Manager account. If you do not know your provider’s account username, it’s best to ask them for that information before submitting a sharing request.

If you are unable to find your provider’s account using any of the search methods described above it may be because your provider has not made their account searchable in Portfolio Manager. Your provider will need to go into their account settings and select “Yes” in response to the question “Can other people search for you and send you a connection request?” before you can find their account and submit a connection request in Portfolio Manager.

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