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How should I refer to exchanging data with Portfolio Manager on my website and in marketing material? Follow

How to Talk About Exchanging Data with Portfolio Manager via Web Services

This document provides summary guidelines governing the use of ENERGY STAR® language and promotional marks by third party software providers who exchange data with Portfolio Manager via web services. As a partner in the ENERGY STAR program, please follow this guide when writing about the ENERGY STAR program on websites, in software, and in communications resources.

These guidelines supplement rather than replace the full ENERGY STAR Brand Book, which should be viewed at www.energystar.gov/brandbook.

How to Refer to the ENERGY STAR Program, Partnership, Scores, and Portfolio Manager



Commercial buildings achieving superior energy performance can earn the ENERGY STAR®. After benchmarking energy use in EPA’s online energy management and tracking tool, ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, some buildings will be eligible to receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score. Buildings with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or greater may apply for the ENERGY STAR.


ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager now allows building owners and architects to benchmark the expected energy performance of their design projects. Certain building types are eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR score in the design phase based on their energy models. Design projects with an ENERGY STAR score above 75 may be eligible to achieve Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR. In order to achieve Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR for their project, the Architect of Record must also be an ENERGY STAR partner.


How to Refer to Exchanging Data with the Portfolio Manager Web Services 



Exchanging Data with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

Did you know that you can work with other organizations to regularly exchange data with Portfolio Manager? You can authorize these companies to update your meters, manage building data, and retrieve metrics. To get started, search for organizations that exchange data with Portfolio Manager. Then connect with them and share your properties and meters.


If your organization is interested in exchanging data with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, EPA offers a set of web services to help you do that. You can use Portfolio Manager web services to upload meter data or export metrics. Learn more about using Portfolio Manager web services in your business. Make sure your customers know that you can exchange data with Portfolio Manager.

How to Use the ENERGY STAR Promotional Marks

Organizations that have joined ENERGY STAR as partners may use the ENERGY STAR logo along with the partner and promotional marks.



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