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Are there web services that can help me find out why my property is not receiving a score? Follow

The following are common issues that might prevent a property from receiving a score. First, please confirm that more than 50% of the floor area for the property is a property use type that is eligible for a score, then check the following:

    • alertNoAssociation
    • alertLessThanTwelveMonthsMeterData
    • alertMeterGap
    • alertMeterOverlap
    • alertDataCenterWithNoITMeter
    • alertNoPropertyUses
    • alertNoGFA

These metrics represent specific data quality issues that will prevent a property from receiving an ENERGY STAR score. Each metric will contain one of the following responses:

  • “Okay” – This alert was reviewed and is not an issue for the property (i.e. no meter gaps).
  • “Possible Issue” – This alert was reviewed and a possible issue was identified (i.e. there are meter gaps).
  • “Not Checked (See Possible Issues)” – Means this item could not be evaluated, most likely because of one of the other alerts identified as a possible issue.

The server response for each of these alerts will help pinpoint the issue that is preventing your property from receiving a score during the 12-month performance period that you've specified. Steps you can take to ensure that the property receives a score include:

You can also obtain a more detailed description of why the property is not receiving a score by navigating to the Goals tab for the property in the GUI, scrolling to the Metrics Comparison for Your Property & Your Target table, and clicking the “Not Available” link in the ENERGY STAR score row for the period you’re evaluating.

Please see this FAQ for more insight on why a building may not be receiving a score and steps to correct those issues.

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