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When I generate metrics for a parent property (campus), are the meters from associated sub-properties (buildings) automatically included in calculations? If not, how can I include the sub-properties? Follow

Portfolio Manager will not automatically “roll up” information in the property hierarchy. As such, metric calculations for a parent property with child buildings will only use data from meters that are directly associated to the parent property and to its uses. Metrics do not automatically include data for meters or uses defined for child buildings. This functionality accommodates the widest range of building and property types possible. EPA believes that this current system allows for the most flexibility and thus the greatest value to Portfolio Manager users.

If you would like to associate the same set of meters to both a parent property and its sub-properties for reporting purposes, you must add the meters to the individual sub-properties first, and then associate the meters to both the property and sub-property – that way, you are managing one set of meters at both levels. Associations have to be explicitly done on both levels. In other words, an association will not trickle down the hierarchy. Furthermore, you will not be able to associate meters to both a parent property and sub-properties if the meters were added to the parent property first. The steps to properly create this association would be:

1) Create a property

2) Create a building and associate it to the property. You can do this in one step with /property/(propertyId)/building or create the building (as another property like in step #1) and then associate it to that property in step #1 using /association/property/(propertyId)/building/(buildingId)

3) Create a meter under the building

4) Associate the meter to the building using /association/property/(buildingId)/meter/(meterId)

5) Associate the meter to the property using /association/property/(propertyId)/meter/(meterId)

6) Run Get Metrics for the Building (which includes the meters under the building)

7) Run Get Metrics for the Property

As a design guide, imagine working your way up the hierarchy as you assign meters to spaces, buildings, and properties. After correctly associating the meters, metrics at both the property level and at the building level will take the meters into account. For property-use information (including property-use-level meters like IT meters) in a property/building setup, you will have to maintain that data in both places.

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