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How will the revised Certified Building Registry affect building profiles? Follow

Currently, EPA maintains a registry of all buildings that have earned ENERGY STAR certification. Basic information about the building is included in the registry automatically when the building earns certification, including the building name, address, facility type, and similar information. Users also have the option to write and submit a “full profile,” which includes a narrative, testimonial, sustainable strategy, and improvements (see screen shot below).

In 2018, EPA will make enhancements to this registry. These enhancements will improve the registry’s performance and make it easier for users to locate certified buildings in their area. They’ll also add new search capabilities, improve the visual presentation, and ensure the information contained in the registry is accurate and up to date.

As part of these enhancements, EPA will not migrate the content for full profiles to the new registry, only the basic information for each certified building. Today, you can still submit a full building profile if you choose to, but you’ll see a message reminding you that this information will be sunset in 2018, when the new registry launches.

Please note: This change will ONLY affect the public-facing full profile, if you entered one, for your certified building. It will NOT affect any part of your Portfolio Manager account, including your building's metrics, or any of the energy meter, bill data, or Property Use Details that you've entered.

In place of building profiles, EPA will work with partners to develop case studies to include in the ENERGY STAR Tools & Resources library. If you’re interested in working with EPA to develop a case study about your certified building or energy management program, please contact us by submitting a question through the help desk.



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