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Do I include the GFA for a private garage in a townhome/duplex? Follow

No. Because private residential garages associated with individual townhomes or duplexes do not function the same as “parking garages” and their energy use is very minimal, you should exclude their Gross Floor Area (GFA) when benchmarking. You would not include this GFA in any property uses, it would be considered like an outdoor space.


  • Private residential garages and carports cannot be counted as "Parking" because Portfolio Manager assumes parking garages operate 24 hours/day with ventilation and lighting, which obviously private garages do not.
  • If you have a group of detached private garages for a townhome/duplex community, and they are separately metered, you can exclude both the GFA and the energy.
  • Private townhouse garages refer to both attached and detached structures.
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