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How does the Licensed Professional Finder work? Follow

To apply for ENERGY STAR certification, you must first have a Licensed Professional review and stamp your application. The Licensed Professional Finder is designed to help you identify and contact LPs who have experience verifying buildings located near you.

An initial search in the Finder displays:

  • All LPs who have verified buildings within 25 miles of your zip code
  • The total number and type of all ENERGY STAR building verifications done by each LP
  • Contact information for each LP
  • Filters that enable you to further refine your search based on property type, recent experience, and whether or not they offer cost-free verification services

Selecting an LP displays their ENERGY STAR résumé, which contains the total number and types of all of the ENERGY STAR verifications they have done. Here you also have options to sort this list based on location, year, and property type. Note that their résumé lists each individual verification, so the same building may appear multiple times for each year it has been verified by this LP. 

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