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How do I keep my contact information up to date on the LP Finder tool? Follow

Contact information displayed in the LP Finder is drawn from the contact information on an LP’s most recent ENERGY STAR certification application (screenshot below).

To ensure that your data displayed in the LP Finder is correct, first find yourself in the tool. The easiest way to do so is to enter any zip code, extend the distance radius in the search results to “All US” and then search for your name in the “Filter Your Table of Results” search box.

Check the contact and credential information that appears when you click on your name. If any of that information is incorrect, please email your correct contact information to [email protected].

To ensure that your contact information remains current, make sure that future ENERGY STAR applications you verify have your current contact information. This information is typically pulled from your Portfolio Manager account. To update the contact and credential information in your account, log into Portfolio Manager, click the Account Settings link (image below), make any necessary edits on the About Yourself tab, then click “Make Changes.”

Currently it is possible for applicants to set up a contact record for you within their own account. They can enter whatever contact information they wish within this record and display that contact information on certification applications they submit with your verification.

We encourage you to ensure that you have a Portfolio Manager account and that you connect with the applicant accounts for all applications you submit. Doing so will ensure that you can control the contact information that appears for your name on all certification applications you verify.

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