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How should I enter a parking garage? Follow

In general, users should not include their parking Gross Floor Area (GFA) in their property GFA. However, there is one exception: when the property is a Parking Garage (which we define as any property where the parking GFA is 75% or more of the total property GFA). 

If you have a Parking Garage:

  1. Enter a single* Property Use (Parking) and separate out the open, partially enclosed, and completely enclosed parking.
  2. Enter your Property GFA as the sum of the partially enclosed and completely enclosed parking. That is considered the "building."
  3. If you have an open parking lot, we will estimate the energy used by the open parking and subtract that before calculating your metrics. 

*If you have other property used in your parking garage that are less than 25% of the GFA and cannot get a score (say a small retail shop on the ground floor), you do not have to break it out into a separate property use. This is consistent with our rules for when to break out a separate property use, which states that you should only break out a separate Property Use if:

  • It accounts for more than 25% of the property's GFA, OR
  • It is a Property Use that can get an ENERGY STAR Score. Retail can only get a score if it is an individual store, greater than 5,000 sq ft, and has an exterior entrance. Ground-floor retail is not eligible for an ENERGY STAR Score.
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