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How Do I Determine Which Bill Goes with Which Meter? Follow

If you are not sure which utility bill goes with which meter, you will need to work with your facilities staff and the bill paying department of your utility to look at the meter numbers on the bills and the physical meter itself to determine if there’s any meter-specific identifier within these buildings that could be used to map a given utility meter to a bill.

If you have a campus with multiple buildings and you are unable to map the meter bills to the individual buildings, then you should benchmark all the buildings together as a campus. Depending on the property type, the property may still be eligible for ENERGY STAR Certification as a campus. In order to benchmark the properties as a campus you will first need to create the “parent” property and identify the number of “child” properties associated with it.

For additional information please review the reference document, “How to Benchmark a Campus in Portfolio Manager.”

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