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My properties are not appearing in the right user account. Why? Follow

If you have multiple Portfolio Manager user accounts and try to access them simultaneously, you may experience a display issue where properties appear to be in a different user account than the one to which they belong. Once you click into an account, your browser will show you the property data for the last user account you logged into, even if you logged in via a different browser tab OR window of the same browser platform (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc). This doesn’t change the actual data in the user accounts, only how it appears in the browsing session. You can check which user account the browser is displaying by checking in the top right corner of Portfolio Manager (see screenshot).

To avoid this issue, use one of the following methods:

  • Always completely sign out of one account before accessing another, being sure to clear any attempt your browser makes to auto-fill username or password when you return to the login screen at https://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/pm/login.html.
  • To view two accounts concurrently, do so in windows from two different browsers (e.g. if you opened one in Google Chrome, open the other in Mozilla Firefox).
  • If you frequently need to simultaneously review and compare properties from multiple user accounts, share them all to one account and view them there or run a report from that account.
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