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Where do I get the Facility ID for my Green Power Plant? Follow

When marking grid electricity as green power, you will be brought to a modal to provide additional details about the green power you are purchasing:

Under "Generation Location" there are 3 choices (listed in priority order):

  1. The "Facility ID" for the specific power plant where the energy was generated will provide the most accurate assessment of your green power (Avoided Emissions)**.
    • If you don't know the Facility ID: ask your provider if one exists. Electric generators that have a capacity of at least 1 megawatt will get a Facility ID through the licensing and permitting process. However, it could take up to 3 years from the time a new plant switches on to the time it shows up on our list.
    • If you know the Facility ID, but it's not on our list: Sorry, we update this list once a year, in August. If your Facility ID isn't available yet in Portfolio Manager, use your eGRID region instead.
    • The list of Facility IDs of all power plants (5,000+) is from DOE's Energy Information Administration’s (EIA); you can see the full list here: https://www.eia.gov/electricity/data/eia860/index.html (click on the Zip file on the right column).
  2. The egrid Region - if you know the region where the energy was generated, select it from the list.
  3. "I don't know" - if you have no information about where the energy was generated.

**Note: the only metrics that this answer will affect is your Avoided Emissions. See this FAQ for a summary about the different GHG emissions metrics.


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