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How do I change my dashboard views on the MyPortfolio tab? Follow

You can use the Portfolio Views dashboard to review all of your properties at once in the default “Energy Highlights” view, as well as create customized views tailored to the metrics important for your properties like Greenhouse Gas Emissions or Water Usage.

To create or edit a view:

  • Select the blue Add/Edit/Delete Views link above the properties table on your Dashboard.1.jpg
  • Click "Edit" to add the metrics you want to the default "Energy Highlights" view, or click "Create New View" to make a new view.


  • For either path, you will review/create the "Name," "Timeframe," and "Information & Metrics" for the view. Be sure to apply the metric selection.
  • Once you have selected metrics, you can also click the blue "View Selection and Order" link at the bottom of the "Select Metrics" pop-up to finalize the order.
  • Click "Save View"
  • Back in the "Manage Views" screen, you can choose which view to be default, if you would like to change it.
  • Once you have created your view, you can go to your dashboard and select it (if it isn't default) in order to see those metrics. You will need to select "Refresh" for the metrics to calculate.3.jpg
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