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How do I enter rainwater or other water reused onsite? Follow

Rainwater and other water reused onsite should be entered in an “Other” water meter.

You don’t need to include this water in your metrics (purchased reclaimed water is different). It’s a good idea to still track this water usage, but you should NOT mark these meters as counting towards your water metrics.

These are examples of water reused onsite:

  • rainwater or stormwater harvested onsite
  • sump pump water harvesting
  • gray water
  • air-cooling condensate
  • reject water from water purification systems
  • water reclaimed onsite
  • water derived from other water reuse strategies

Any purchased reclaimed water should be entered as “Municipally Supplied Reclaimed Water” (even if it’s not municipally supplied), and you should count those meters towards your metrics.

For example:


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