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How do I get rid of meter overlaps? Follow

If you get an alert that you have an "overlap" in a meter, this means you have two or more meter bills that cover the same day(s) within the year.

Our meter rules:

  • Meter dates can overlap at the most by one day (the End Date = the Start Date of the next)
  • You will get a "warning" message if there are any overlaps in a meter entry. If your overlapping data is from years ago, and you're not concerned with metrics for that year, ignore it.

How to fix:

  • Click into a date or quantity to update it -then click "Save Bills" at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you have duplicate entries (a common mistake), you'll need to delete one: check the box next to the entry, click "Delete Selected Entries," then "Save Bills." See this FAQ for more info.
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