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Overview of Local Legislation Requirements Follow

Twenty-five local governments, two states, and one province have passed laws requiring building owners to benchmark their properties using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and report energy and/or water use data to the them on an annual basis. The table below lists the places with those requirements and the types of properties that need to comply, based on them being above a certain size -- as determined by square footage, unless otherwise noted. The size thresholds are the terminal ones identified in the benchmarking laws and do not reflect size thresholds for preceding years.

View our interactive map of state and local policies and programs.

See this FAQ for contact information for each city.


Commercial Multifamily Water reporting Utility data availability
Atlanta, GA >25K >25K Yes  
Austin, TX >10K 5+ units   spreadsheet
Berkeley, CA >25K >25K Yes web services
Boston, MA >35K >35K, 35+ units Yes spreadsheet
Boulder, CO >20K     web services
Cambridge, MA >25K 50+ units Yes spreadsheet
Chicago, IL >50K >50K   web services
Denver, CO >25K >25K   web services
Washington, DC >50K >50K Yes web services
Evanston, IL >20K >20K Yes web services
Kansas City, MO >50K >50K Yes  
Los Angeles, CA >20K >20K Yes web services
Minneapolis, MN >50K   Yes web services
Montgomery County, MD >50K     web services
New York, NY >25K >25K Yes web services
Orlando, FL >50K >50K    
Philadelphia, PA >50K >50K Yes web services
Pittsburgh, PA >50K   Yes  
Portland, ME >20K 50+ units Yes  
Portland, OR >20K      
San Francisco, CA >10K     web services
Seattle, WA >20K >20K   web services
South Portland, ME >5K 10+ units Yes  
St. Louis, MO >50K >50K Yes  
State of California >50K >50K   web services, spreadsheet
State of Washington >10K     varies
Ontario, Canada >50K >50K, 10+ units Yes  
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