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Why are my Indirect Emissions = 0? Follow

Indirect Emissions are the emissions associated with energy purchased from a utility, for example emissions associated with the generation of electricity or district steam.

Portfolio Manager determines the emissions factors to apply to your building’s electricity consumption by mapping your zip code to your Electric Distribution Utility (EDU).

In very rare instances, it is possible that a building is directly connected to a specific power plant. If this is the case, you would have specific power purchasing agreement with an electric utility, and you would know exactly where your electricity is generated. This is more common in larger industrial facilities, but is occasionally found at commercial properties. If this is the case, you can specify a specific power plant to apply its specific average output emission rate to the site energy consumed from that plant.

So, it is possible that a building has a power purchasing agreement, and the power plant it is connected to is a nuclear or hydro plant with no emissions, resulting in 0 indirect emissions.


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