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Are there any Water Scores? Follow

Not right now, but the first 1-100 Water Score which will be for Multifamily Housing only, will be launched in the fall of 2017.

Here are some details on the Water Score:

  • It was developed in collaboration with EPA’s WaterSense program.
  • It will follow the same basic methodology as the 1-100 ENERGY STAR score.  Portfolio Manager will use the Use Details and the new Irrigated Area input to generate a “Predicted Water Intensity."  The property’s actual Water Use Intensity will be compared to the predicted value using a ratio (Actual WUI/Predicted WUI), the resulting ratio will be mapped to the score via a “lookup table.” As in the case of energy, a lower ratio (using less than predicted) will result in a higher score. Similar to the ENERGY STAR score, the new water score can be interpreted as the percentile of performance for a property, normalized for climate and operations.
  • Like the ENERGY STAR Score, the property must be at least 75% multifamily, but can have up to 25% of a different property type.
  • The Water Score is only available to properties in the US.
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