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What changes were made to my ice rink property? Follow

In August 2017, we released a New Score for Ice/Curling Rinks in Canada only.

Several new Property Use Details were added to all existing Ice/Curling Rink properties:

  • Number of Indoor Ice Rinks
  • Total Rink Surface Area for All Rinks
  • Months Main Indoor Ice Rink in Use
  • Total Number of Weekly Ice Resurfacing for All Rinks
  • Number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Workers
  • Number of Curling Sheets
  • Spectator Seating Capacity 

Several Property Use Details were removed:

  • Weekly Operating Hours
  • Number of Workers on Main Shift
  • Number of Computers

For existing properties, the “Current As Of” date for these new Property Use Details will be the earliest date entered for the property's Gross Floor Area. Default values will be applied for the values.

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