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What changes were made in the August 2017 web services 9.0 release? Follow

The Portfolio Manager web services 9.0 schema release took place on August 14, 2017 and included the following elements. For more information, please view the recorded webinar on the 9.0 schema release changes here: https://esbuildings.webex.com/esbuildings/lsr.php?RCID=111f1e4643df331f10f41d21c6059d78. 

  • Demand Tracking
    • The following two fields were incorporated into the METER CONSUMPTION services (PUT, GET, POST) and user interface (UI) for Electric-Grid meters:
      • Demand – This input is optional and covers the rate of using electricity for each bill. This will be measured in kilowatts (kW).
      • Demand Cost – This input is optional and covers the cost that you are charged for electric demand on each bill. This is a subset of that bill’s electricity cost.
    • Added Metrics – The following five metrics were added to the UI and the Get-Metrics call:


User Interface Metric Name

Web Services Name

Energy Performance Metrics

Annual Maximum Demand (kW)


Annual Maximum Demand (MM/YYYY)



Annual Maximum Demand (Meter Name (Meter ID))



Cost Performance Metrics

Annual Demand Cost ($)



  • Property Use Inputs
    • New Score for Ice Rink in Canada – New use details were added under the Ice Rink Property Type and are used to support the implementation of an ENERGY STAR score for ice rinks in Canada with the 9.0 live release.
    • Existing use detail  kept:
      • Gross Floor Area
    • New use detail inputs added:
    • Number of Indoor Ice Rink Size
    • Total Rink Surface Area for All Rinks
    • Months Main Indoor Ice Rink in Use
    • Total Number of Weekly Ice Resurfacing for All Rinks
    • Number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Workers
    • Number of Curling Sheets
    • Spectator Seating Capacity 
  • Use details removed
    • Weekly Operating Hours
    • Number of Workers on Main Shift
    • Number of Computers

The new use detail characteristics were added to new and existing “Ice/Curling Rink” property uses.   For existing property uses, the “Current As Of” date used for the new characteristics became the earliest date entered for the pre-existing Gross Floor Area characteristic.

Default values were applied to the newly added use detail fields for existing Ice/Curling Rink property uses.

  • Other web services changes
    • The POST /account web service was removed from the LIVE environment. This removal does not affect the “POST /customer” web service, which remains available in both the LIVE and BETA environments. The service was removed to improve account management consistency between the UI and web services.
    • Annual Factor Update - Revised cost and emissions data, and re-assigned weather stations based on most recent market data. There were no changes to user inputs or schema, but metrics were potentially affected.
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