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What will be updated in the August 2018 "Score Update?" Follow

The updates will include:

  1. The underlying ENERGY STAR models for the following property types will be updated with based on 2012 CBECS data:
    • Office, Financial Office, Bank, Courthouse
    • Retail
    • Supermarket
    • K-12 School
    • Hotel
    • Warehouse
    • Worship Facility
  2. Scores and metrics for all property types will be updated with revised site-to-source factors. These factors are updated to reflect the current energy market.
  3. National Median values will be updated based on the 2012 CBECS data.
  4. Data Center benchmarking options will be updated to offer the use of Estimated IT Energy to get a score and certification.

We recommend pursuing 2018 ENERGY STAR certification prior to June 2018, in case your property’s score changes, rather than waiting for the 2018 update to go into place.

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