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What will be updated in the August 2018 "Score Update?" Follow

All properties (scoreable and non-scoreable) will see an update to their metrics in Portfolio Manager. The updates will include:

  1. The underlying ENERGY STAR models for the following property types will be updated based on 2012 CBECS data:
    • Office, Financial Office, Bank, Courthouse
    • Retail
    • Supermarket
    • K-12 School
    • Hotel
    • Warehouse
    • Worship Facility
  2. All reference data is updated annually. Of note is that Site-to-source conversion factor for electricity will be updated from 3.1 to 2.8. This will affect all property types. This update reflects improvements to the electric grid’s efficiency.
  3. National Median values will be updated based on the 2012 CBECS data.
  4. A new option for "Estimated IT Energy" for data centers within larger buildings (not standalone data centers) to receive a score and certification in cases where an IT energy meter is not present.

We recommend pursuing 2018 ENERGY STAR certification by July 26, 2018, in case your property’s score changes. More Details.

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