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How do I enter the office that shares the property with my warehouse? Follow

It depends. All warehouse/distribution centers include administrative offices as an integral part of their operation. If the only office you have is directly part of your Distribution Center (i.e. the office is primarily used by warehouse employees who directly oversee or support the warehouse’s operations) then you should not create a separate property use. All your Gross Floor Area should be entered as Warehouse/Distribution Center.

However, if there are offices onsite that support other company functions including general corporate administration, sales, marketing, etc., then you should break this office space out into a separate property use. For example, say you have a paper company. Part of the property is a traditional office where employees are processing orders, holding staff meetings, and working on the new marketing campaign. Part of the property is the warehouse which holds all the paper, and the warehouse staff loads the trucks to ship off the paper. In this case, you would create 2 property uses: one for your Office space, and one for your Warehouse/Distribution Center, which should include any office space directly supporting the Warehouse.

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