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Can I Copy/Paste Data into my Meter? Follow

Yes. One way to enter multiple bills for one meter is to copy your bill data from a spreadsheet and paste it onto the Manage Bills page.

1. Download the spreadsheet template on the Manage Bills page:

2. Save the spreadsheet to your computer and fill in spreadsheet with your meter’s bill data. Be sure to fill in all required columns including the last column, Estimation (Yes/No). Column A, B, C and E must be complete for each row of data.*

3. Copy your data (but not the header: row 1), by highlighting all of the new meter information and clicking Cntl+C

4. Paste your data on Manage Bills page for the meter you would like to update. At the bottom of the Monthly Entries table select Add Another Entry and click into the empty “Start Date” field and click Cntl+V to paste the information.


5. Save the new data: click the "Save Bills" button at the bottom of the page.


*Note - Don't change the format of any of the columns.

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